• good mood
  • 1 hour shoot
  • 35+ ready photos
  • all photos are on file hosting
  • up to 2 week ready
150 euro

offer# 2

  • courage and fun
  • up to 2 hours shoot
  • 60+ ready photos
  • all photos are on file hosting
  • up to 2 week ready
200 euro

offer# 3

  • special day
  • day with family
  • (shooting up to 6 hours)
  • 250+ photos
  • all photos in digital form on a usb drive
  • 20 printed photos
450 euro

To save the date a deposit of 20% of the cost is required

Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear?
We always have the «necessary clothes» for a photo shoot. There is an incredibly large number of color combinations in clothes. When organizing your shoot, I try to help as much as possible with the selection of the right wardrobe sets. Here are just a few basic rules that will help us create a color balance in the family: clothes should be comfortable first of all so that you don’t even think about it in the process, we try to avoid very colorful and different-sized geometric patterns, patterns on different family members, and accessories — to be! (hats and caps, scarves and bandanas, rings and bracelets, crossbody bags and glasses always complement the images and bring the right amount of activity to the photo session).
How many photos and most importantly, when?
I am a supporter of less but better. Usually a family shoot comes out in the size of 35-120 photos, but it always comes out a little more, because I can’t (and I won’t even try :)) to hide wonderful shots in a box. All cool and beautiful photos are color and light corrected and sent to you in two stages:
— announcement (3-6 shots) 2 days after shooting;
— all ready-made photos within 2 weeks.
Where to take pictures?
Here we have a million options to choose from: it can be a park, a river bank, cozy streets of your city, a cafe, your house/fortress, a dacha, a forest, a meadow,… Perhaps you have a special, significant place for you!
Today there are a lot of good, pleasant photo studios with neutral comfortable interiors, where you can immediately feel at home 😉
What else matters?
The basis of a wonderful and easy family photo session is the desire of the whole family to preserve this particular period of your life with the help of photography, physical comfort (comfortable clothes, the opportunity to sleep well the other day, etc.) and the unanimous participation of everyone in the process!

To book a date a deposit of 20% of the cost is required.